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Extrasoy Industry

The best for your business

Choose our experience, reliability and technology to give more value to your business: discover our nutritionally high-performance feeds that improve animal welfare and performance.

More digestibility and assimilation
More protein and amidaceous concentrations
More by pass protein

Feeds for your company


Our innovative feeds (conventional, organic or NO GMO) are formulated for all animal needs and phases. Unique in the zootechnical world thank to their shape and characteristics, they respond to the highest nutritional needs due to their high healthiness, digestibility and concentration.

Our working method

We select raw materials carefully

We choose the best crops, starting also from the cultivation contract, to ensure maximum quality and safety to our feeds. Raw materials are analyzed, cleaned before processing and checked throughout the supply chain.

We work with our

Esclusive Technologies

We produce through exclusive and sta-of-the-art technologies to ensure an increasingly innovative assortment, flexible and modular, enhancing raw materials and maximizing the bioavailability of feeds.

Extrusion Cortal

Feather in our cap, it gives rise to more efficient feeds, with low umidity and high shelf life

Pressing Cortal

Technology that allows to extract the oil without any solvent thus improving the concentration and the digestibility

Texturing Cortal

Special extrusion technique that guarantees high  protein by pass feeds

Milling Cortal

Technology useful to reach the maximum efficiency of feeds by controlling digestion times

Concentration Cortal

Esclusive Cortal technology to increase starch and protein concentration

Steam injectors of the conditioners
Steam injectors for the product conditioning
Cooling outer jacket
Product expansion at the end of the extruder
Cutter coupled with the die
Electric motor for the screw rotation

Evo Cortal

Technology for your company

Discover the first extruder explicitly studied for zootechnical needs: our experience is at your disposal with our brand new production system concept.