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Cortal technologies

The unique quality of Cortal products depends on our productive experience

and continuous search for new technologies that can turn feeds into results


Cortal extrusion is a unique and exclusive technology that combines specifically heat, pressure and time, causing instantaneous temperature rise of the raw material (thermal ash), followed by a subsequent cooling step to avoid denaturing phenomena.

Extruded foods are:

– more efficient

– naturally sanitized

– with lower humidity

– with higher shelf life


Cortal extrusion can be of two types:


It enhances the positive characteristics of the raw material, inactivating the antinutritional factors without denaturing protein and fat and maximizing the digestibility of the feed;


It concentrates the protein, preserving its digestibility, as it lowers the moisture of the product and breaks the original structure of the raw material by allowing the oil output.

the evolution of extrusion

Cortal Texturing

This special Cortal extrusion technology allows to modify the protein structure of the raw material. Through Texturing it is possible to modify the vegetable protein structure from a globular conformation to a linear one, similar to that of animal protein. This improves assimilation by altering the chemical-physical and biological properties.

Through this technology we obtain unique new-generation feeds, characterized by:

– higher protein bypass pass values

– maximum intestinal digestibility of amino acids

Cortal Pressing

The pressing of oil seeds after extrusion allows the oil extraction through an exclusively mechanical process, without using any solvent. This particular production technology allows to obtain new generation feeds, unique on the market, characterized by:

Cortal Milling

Technology that allows to obtain feed with particles of different sizes based on the characteristics of the ration and the needs of the animal, with a high degree of control over digestion times:

– achieving maximum feed efficiency

– improving feed assimilation

– reducing costs and waste

At the end of the process, all the particles have a size smaller than 1 mm.

special milling technology

Concentration Cortal

Exclusive technology that allows to concentrate the noble nutrients, obtaining higher protein and starch level than those of the raw material.

The concentration process starts with a precleaning phase to remove foreign particles, powders and fragments, followed by a second cleaning phase with decortication.

This process determines:

– in starch products: starch concentration

– in protein products: protein concentration

technology and its effects

We transform raw materials

Discover the effects of Cortal production technologies on the main raw materials


Cortal Extrusion:
increases the palatability and digestibility of fats and proteins; Inactivates antinutritional factors without denaturing proteins
Cortal Texturing:
maximizes protein content by pass without reducing protein digestibility


Cortal Extrusion:
increases the digestible energy due to the high gelatinization of the starch

Milling and Concentration Cortal:
allows particles of less than millimeter to be obtained for maximum nutritional efficiency


Cortal Extrusion:
inactivates anti nutritional factors making so that flax is ready for use; it prevents seed breakage and oil percolation. This reduces to the maximum fat rancidity, preserving the nutritional characteristics and increasing the shelf-life


Milling and Concentration Cortal:
the homogeneous particle size allows to optimize and control digestion times.

The concentration increases the soluble protein fraction