EVO Cortal

The first extruder
for livestock world

In 2014, EVO Cortal was born: a new production system

concept designed and realized

to meet the specific needs of the livestock market.

innovative production system

A unique extruder for
unprecedented results

EVO Cortal Extruder can produce highly quality

and technological feeds, the ideal products for every animal

species and breeding phase.

More efficient feeds

more digestible feeds with higher by pass

Naturally sanitized

thanks to the effect of high temperatures

With lower humidity

compared to the raw material

With longer shelf life

because it inactivates the microbial charge


unique benefits

EVO CORTAL technology can work with multiple raw materials or mixtures of the same; it modifies the physical conformation of the protein fraction of the products; increases the protein bypass without interfering with the digestibility of the protein.

Steam injectors of the conditioners
Cooling outer jacket
Steam injectors for the product conditioning
Electric motor for the screw rotation
Product expansion at the end of the extruder
Cutter coupled with the die

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